Landmark Americana Tap & Grill, which is located at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, has closed its doors for good.

People started to talk about the Landmark when a member of the What's Doing In Ewing, Uncensored Facebook Page mentioned that she went there and the restaurant said they would be closing. I don't like to start rumors, so I did some investigating and when I googled Landmark, it does in fact say it's permanently closed. Was it a health violation? Noise violation? Bankruptcy? What causes a restaurant to just suddenly close? There could be a bunch of reasons why a restaurant closes, but unfortunately the reason why Landmark closed is the result of a terrible accident involving a TCNJ student last year.

After the terrible tragedy, authorities said Landmark would close early and stop serving large amounts of drinks to patrons. Since that agreement with the Alcoholic Beverage Control, I'm sure Landmark was being watched by the ABC very closely. (Although that's not confirmed.)

So what will replace the Landmark Americana Tap & Grill? We will be keeping a close eye on the space to see.

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