The Philly Pretzel Factory has locations all throughout New Jersey and PA, but there is one location in particular that is doing the absolute most. Cause Philly, right?

The Langhorne, PA Philly Pretzel Factory has been posting some of the most amazing pretzel artwork pieces I've ever seen and I can't let it go unnoticed any longer!

It caught my eye erlier this month because I saw they had posted on Facebook that their locations would now be serving "surf and turf".


At first, I was so confused about how you would be able to buy steak and lobster at the Philly Pretzel Factory, but then the joke made complete sense when I looked a little harder. This was what I saw and I can't lie, I was kind of amazed.

In fact, here's their design of the Philly Fanatic as a pretzel:

They have absolutely NAILED down the art of pretzel sculptures, (if that's an official thing). I have seen so many amazing pretzels come out of the Langhorne location like different fish, a huge Phillie Phanatic, Sharks in celebration of Shark Week this week, and more.

Here's a recent design of 76ers legend Allen Iverson. Look at how incredible this looks:

Plus, look at this pretzel version of Morgan Wallen:

I swear they could start a Netflix show all about this location and the food art that they create and I'd binge the entire thing in one sitting. It's honestly just amazing to me.

The Philly Pretzel Factory takes special orders at all locations, but this location seems to be going above and beyond with the different orders you'll be able to get.

Does anyon know who is designing these in the store? I need to meet them!

The Philly Pretzel Factory has locations throughout New Jersey, PA, and beyond. Visit their official website for more info on menus and the ordering process. 

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