On this Fathers Day, Cape May County Regular Republican Party Chairman Michael Donohue described it like this:

“The last time for our Father's Day tradition. The greatest donut north of the Cafe Du Monde!! Can't believe they are closing :(

“Thank you, Jeanne Dewey Donohue,” Michael wrote to his wife for bringing him a box of donuts.

It’s all a direct reference to an establishment that is closing after 74 years … at end of this summer … Kohler’s Bakery in Avalon, Cape May County, New Jersey will shut its doors forever.

A long standing business like Kohler’s Bakery has created generations of wonderful memories for residents and visitors alike.

When owner Colleen Quinn-Maxwell shared the news on April 4, 2023 on her Facebook Page that Kohler’s Bakery would be closing, the heart-felt comments poured in.

Here’s how Colleen Quinn-Maxwell broke the news:

“31 years ago I stood out on the porch of KOHLER'S BAKERY to sell the Philadelphia Inquirer in the summer of 1992. I loved greeting customers and having the sweet smells of the baked goods drift out the door with each person who walked in. I never knew back then all that I would love about this bakery being a part of it as an employee and then as an owner.”

“In 17 years of owning KOHLER'S I have had over 100 amazing employees, sold millions of products, been featured on local and National news and won numerous best of the best awards. I have been so proud to be a businesswoman carrying on the 74 year tradition of KOHLER'S Bakery in Avalon, NJ. I love hearing your family traditions and start with KOHLER'S each summer and your sincere love for my products. I appreciate your years of loyalty and incredible unwavering support!”

”This past year has brought some challenging decisions with my business space and it's future.”

“Unfortunately, the building space will be for sale and I am unable to purchase it but was provided the opportunity.”

“We look forward to seeing you this summer for one more summer season and having you enjoy all of your KOHLER'S Bakery favorites.”

”For now, I look forward to seeing each one of you to say thank you, grab a hug, maybe shed a tear and a see you later...

“Thank you for your tremendous support for that little papergirl turned bakery owner on the corner of 27th and Dune Drive.”



Kohler’s Bakery customers were just as passionate with their Facebook comments. Here are a few:

Cynthia Weimerskirch - “I can not imagine Kohler's not being on the corner of 27th and Dune. My tradition with this bakery goes back 65 years when my Nana use to take my sister and I there to pick up a sweet treat. I'II be sure to make the best of this last summer at Koehler's.”

Leslie Vosburg Ortolani - “I'm crying. Please say it isn't so. This has always been our first stop on the way down.”

Wendy Burns - “This is truly heartbreaking news. I have enjoyed Kohler's Bakery for most of my 61 years. We have made memories there with 5 generations of our family. We have been so grateful each year that we returned for the delicious treats that just dont taste the same anywhere else. My brain can understand the financial requirements to keep your business going but my heart …

Frank Mulgrew - “I love Kohler's. I thinks it's the best bakery in the world. Certainly my favorite. Thanks for making these delightful treats from heaven. My parents gave me my first Kohler's when I was a kid and 40 years later it is still the same great donuts and pastries.”

As you can see, this bakery has deeply touched the lives of many people for more than 70 years.

Kohler's Bakery is known for its cinnamon buns, danishes, cookies, cakes and other pastries.

Enjoy this last summer of sweet treats, before they close their doors forever.

SOURCES: Michael Donohue & Kohler’s Bakery.

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