I feel like it's a rule when you eat a sandwich you need to have a bag of chips on the side. I feel like my Aunt Michele has made me this way. Ever since we were younger, and we'd go over to her house, she would make us sandwiches and she'd put her potato chips on her sandwich. So i started doing it too. My favorite combo is tuna fish and salt and vinegar chips on it. Yum! I am usually a classic chip flavor girl, but a few years ago, I started trying new flavors of chips and like I said, I like salt and vinegar chips, but I'm really into pepper chips, and pickle flavored chips, yum! I enjoy when Lay's comes out with unique flavors for me to try, and their latest line flavors are inspired by different countries.

According to Delish, Lay's just revealed some flavors inspired by Greece, Thailand, Germany and Mexico. For Greece, they created a Wavy Tzatziki flavor, for Mexico, a Wavy Lime & Sea Salt, for Thailand, a Thai Basil Chili and for Germany a Beer & Brats flavor. All sound good to me and I wanna get my hands on a bag! However, Lay's is not putting them in stores, just yet. So, how do you get your hands on one of these bags? Just go to any of their social media accounts and comment which variety you'd like to try under their post.

I wonder if they see the popularity and will then put them in stores? If so, we all need to get commenting and hopefully get our hands on some.

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