My heart breaks for a Levittown family mourning the loss of their beloved dog, but, you can help ease their pain and honor his memory, according to an obituary published on LevittownNow.

This had me in tears. The Maddocks family wrote an obituary for their 15 year-old best furry friend, Chaos Anthony Maddocks, who recently passed away, and it's just heart-wrenching.

You can feel their love for this dog and how much they're affected by his passing through their words, which reads (in part): 

"Chaos was not just a dog, he was the dog patriarch of our family and his absence has left an unbearable emptiness. So, until we meet again, his paw prints will be etched deeply into our hearts."

The obituary also reveals that Chaos worked for nine years at Attleboro Nursing Home, helping patients, loved snuggling, and playing with his best furry friend, the Maddocks family's other dog, Diesel. You can read the entire piece here. Have a tissue handy.

You can, however, easily help this family cope with their tremendous loss, they said in the publication.

The family's request is simple. They'd love to see a picture of your furry friend.

"If you never had the privilege (of) meeting Chaos, please take a moment to treat your own fur-baby with a special hug or treat, in Chaos's honor and please send pics to"

They'll randomly select a winner (no later than) February 18, which would have been Chao's 16th birthday. The winner will enjoy a box of Chaos' favorite toys and treats, so include a mailing address.

This is the sweetest. I have to admit, I never understood the deep love people seemed to have for their pets...until a year ago when my family brought home our very first puppy. So I absolutely get it now.

I'm sending love to the Maddocks family. I'm so sorry for your loss & hope the community shows up to support you with photos!

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