This is really exciting news for Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ community because... The City of Philadelphia will get a new gay bar before the end of the year!

Washington, D.C. Staple Little Gay Pub Announces New Location in Philly

A group of Washington, D.C. bar owners plan to expand their “little” pub a bit North in the coming months.

The owners of Washington D.C.’s Little Gay Pub have leased a facility at the corner of 13th and Drury Streets in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood. The news has been reported by multiple outlets including the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The exact location of the pub is 102 S. 13th Street, and it was previously the home of Brothy Thyme and TIKI.

Little Gay Pub Philadelphia
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If you haven’t visited that space, get excited.

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In fact, I was sad when Broth Thyme closed down because it had one of my absolute favorite rooftops in Philly. But it kinda felt like the roof was lost on a soup restaurant, no disrespect... but soups don't shout rooftop to me).

The bar’s owners (Dito Sevilla, Dusty Martinez, and Benjamin Gander) tell The Philadelphia Inquirer they're hoping to open the new establishment by late December 2024.

Knowing the realities of construction, they say that would “settle” for next spring (ahead of Pride Month 2025), the paper reports.

Little Gay Pub Will Serve Philly & You’ll Wanna Take a Selfie in Their Bathroom

I’m thrilled The Little Gay Pub is coming to town. Philly NEEDS a space like this.

They’re creating a space where the LGBTQ+ community is “celebrated, more than just served.” The décor focuses on a more “leathery, darker vibe” while capitalizing on natural light to foster a welcoming daytime drinking environment. Of course, that’s in addition to a nighttime crowd.

But here’s what I’m excited for… their unique restrooms. When I meet LGBTQ+ friends from D.C. they always talk about how photographic the bathroom in Little Gay Pub is because of the “perfect lighting,” and yes… they plan on bringing those selfie-ready bathrooms to Philly.

“We wanted to have over-the-top bathrooms, and there was really no specific reason...we made them crazy and kitschy— and so clean and nice,” the pub’s owners told the media, including The Advocate.

The Little Gay Pub’s Owners Are Committed to Philly

By the way, the feelings of excitement from Philadelphians for the new bar seem to be mutual as the pub's owners told The Advocate they're excited to come to Philly.

“We love Philly! We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring our unique brand of not-so-Little Gay Pub, offering a quirky, campy, glamorously gay hospitality experience to an incredibly historic and LGBTQ-friendly city like Philadelphia,” Dito Sevilla told this weekend.

The new location will have some Philly flare, including a mural of the late city planner Ed Bacon, which can be viewed on the rooftop deck.

By the way, the bar’s owners will keep their doors open during construction as they settle into their new space this summer and fall, and yes, they WANT you to visit them.

“We plan to keep our doors open so the neighborhood can stop by, pop in, and ask us questions,” Martinez told The Inquirer. 

In fact, at least one of the bar’s owners will always be in town from Washington, D.C. as they’ll share an apartment to focus on the business. 

That’s a REAL commitment to our community! So welcome to town, Little Gay Pub! We can’t wait to see you.

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