Another list is doing Jersey dirty again.

This time, it's a compilation of New Jersey towns that gotta go. The reasoning? The Garden State is too congested and has too many towns. The list says seven towns right here in South Jersey can barely justify their existence, so basically, they should just be wiped off the map. notes that New Jersey is made up of 565 municipalities, some so tiny you might barely realize you've even driven through them and are just a blip on your GPS. suggests that by eliminating some of these towns, the state of New Jersey would employ fewer people at the state level, thereby lowering taxes. They also write, 'Really, who would know the difference?'
I'm not saying there's not some truth to's logic. I mean, Elwood...Hi-Nella. Blips, for sure. But all this list accomplishes is invalidating the towns AND the people that live in them.
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As someone who grew up in a tiny South Jersey town, I can tell you I'D notice is my hometown were wiped off the map.
Below are the seven South Jersey towns says need to go.

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