The small town in New Jersey that only lets men purchase homes there is Pine Valley.

This town is truly tiny because there are only 16 residents who call it home. Pine Valley is so small that it only has 23 homes within the gated community, and the police department is made up of just six members. The town gets even more interesting because according to it's within the Pine Valley Golf Club. The reason why women can't purchase houses there is because only golf course members have the ability to buy houses on the property, and only men can be members of this exclusive golf club.

It seems like a very old school way of thinking and operating a business, but it was reported that they have kept this "men only rule" for 90 years. It's estimated that a membership to the Pine Valley Golf Club is around $10,000. The price seems to be worth it since Golf Digest has named this golf club as one of America’s 100 greatest golf courses.

This golf club is so exclusive that information about members is kept hidden, but there are rumors that celebrities are members of Pine Valley Golf Club.

See the tiny town in the video below

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