Here's something you don't hear about or see everyday, especially in 2019. There is a tiny town in New Jersey where only men who golf can own homes. Yes, that's right. No women allowed is still a thing.

So the town is called Pine Valley and its the second smallest municipality in the state. What this town is specifically known for is the Pine Valley Golf Club. This golf course has been ranked as the world's best for many years. Many professionals and elites from all over come to this town just to play on this historic course.

However, the club does come with some rules. Members can only be males. Women can only play there on Sunday afternoons. I know right! I'm offended too! But not only that, the town itself is super restricted and exclusively too. Only people who are members of the golf course can live there. So that means on, only men can live in the town!!!

This might sound odd to us, but the residents who live there are very content and happy. “It’s the coolest place in the world,” said Charley Raudenbush, the golf club general manager and a town resident.

If i wasn't mistaken, I would have thought we teleported back to 1862.

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