Many people get very frustrated when some "recycling items" don't get thrown in the recycling bins. Well, just know that those people aren't always right and you are doing the correct move by not recycling everything. They are destroying the environment not you.

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Credit: Spencer Platt

A few things that you probably think are recyclable really are not. For example; Bleach bottles, empty cheesy and greasy pizza boxes, styrofoam, plastic bags, hardcover books and any type of kitchen glass are some of the many things that are not  actually recyclable.

US Army former cost analyst mentioned that things that people are recycling are actually hurting the recycling companies because many of those "recyclable" items are actually clogging that sorting machines. The recycling companies actually take an L from the expenses of fixing the clogged machines.

Chinese Company To Stop Taking Recyclables From Oregon Because Too Much Trash Mixed In
Credit: Natalie Behring

From now on just watch what you put in those recycling bins...Instead of helping you are actually hurting the environment.

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