Recycling is probably something a lot of us try hard to get in the habit of doing. According to, Bordentown is trying to help people recycle by starting a new recycling program. That recycling program consists of collecting used pizza boxes.

We learned from FOX 29 that the recycling program is called “Project Pizza Box”.  It was mentioned that it is becoming extremely popular in Bordentown. FOX 29 also mentioned that this kind of recycling program is the very first one ever in the state of New Jersey.

Bordentown teamed up with local farmers to collect the pizza boxes and fill up bins with all of the used pizza boxes. FOX 29 reported that the person that came up with the idea to collect pizza boxes is Jeff Tober. Tober told Fox 29, "I just thought it would be good to have something better to do with pizza boxes then just throw them in the trash." Jeff Tober also told FOX 29 that it seems like a ton of people order pizza regularly because the pizza box recycling bins fill up rapidly.

The recycling bins for "Project Pizza Box" are located at Highway 206, and Crosswicks Street near the Farmers Market. It was stated on FOX 29 that it takes about 10 days to completely fill up a "Project Pizza Box" recycling bin.

One of the reasons that "Project Pizza Box" was created "is to achieve a sustainable solution to trash problems."

Just like anything else "Project Pizza Box" also has rules that you must follow when throwing your used box into the recycling bin. One big rule is to make sure your box is empty and there is no trash in it. "Project Pizza Box" also asks you to clean the box a little before recycling it.

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