Trenton, New Jersey based company, TerraCycle, has created a program, Loop, that will deliver everyday home products to your door in reusable waste free packaging and containers.

Loop is based off the old milkman service model: the milkman delivered fresh milk to your doorstep. When you were finished you left the empty milk containers outside to be collected and refilled. Loop is bringing back that same model, butupdating it, according to The Trentonian.

The way Loop works is you place your order on the Loop Store website, and then a Loop tote bag, carrying all your ordered products, arrives on your doorstep. What makes this service unique is that all the products you purchased come in durable and reusable packaging and containers. When you're done with the products, save the empty containers, place them back in the tote bag and schedule a free pick-up. When you're ready for more products just go back to the website, place your new order, and start the "loop" over again.  You can check out the process in the image below.

This simple idea and program's mission is to lessen waste from one-time use products. Think of all the cardboard boxes, and one-time-use packaging we just throw away each day or don't know how to properly recycle.

It's exciting to see already how many big brands that Loop has already partnered with. You can get all your favorite products and brands through Loop. You can get shampoos, mouthwash, ice cream, deodorants, and more refilled through loop. Here's a list of some of the companies they've partnered with:

- Häagen-Dazs

- Crest

- Pantene Pro-V

- Gilette

- Tide

- Clorox

- Dove

- Hellmann's

- Axe

If you were curious how safe and sanitary these reusable containers are, because I know I was, don't worry. The Loop website made sure to mention that they hygienically clean and sanitize the empty containers that they get back.

If you're interested in Loop, it launches this Spring, and you can sign up to be part of their waitlist here.

I have to thank my friend who posted about this on Instagram. I had no idea something like this was being developed in Trenton, NJ.

Check out the video below to see the Loop tote bag, the packaging, some of the products below. You can read more about here.




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