Just in time for Halloween, a local group of ghostbusters, or as they prefer to be called, paranormal investigators, will be holding an event in New Hope, PA on Oct. 29th.

The Free Library of New Hope & Solebury is hosting this program, where attendees can go "behind the scenes with the Paranormal Consulting Investigators of New Jersey to learn about the process of ghost hunting."  Topics during this free event will include diagnosing a haunted and learning to live with ghosts.

According to its website, Paranormal Consulting Investigators of New Jersey was founded by Joanne Emmons in 2011.

They provide free and confidential help to people who believe they are experiencing paranormal activities.

PSINJ says "As Ghost Hunting has become more popularized by the media, many paranormal investigative teams have sprung up simply for the thrill of the investigation itself and are lacking in what they provide in terms of information, evidence, and support."

If you don't have the need for a ghost hunter, but you're still into ghost stories, click here for info on taking a ghost tour of New Hope.

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