Local Girl Scouts are getting a lot of attention during this 2020 cookie season, which is going on now. Many have their pictures on the cookie boxes themselves, and now I found out through The Patch that Hillsborough Girl Scout, Olivia Altidor, will be on the Food Network.

Olivia's episode of the Food Network's "Girl Scout Cookie Championship" will be on this Monday night (February 10th) at 8pm. She told The Patch, "It felt really cool. Definitely my main focus is to represent Girl Scouts in the best way possible and this gave Girl Scouts great exposure. I am hoping it will spark interest in others to join Girl Scouts. I think Girl Scouts is really great and I think everyone should be a part of it."

On the show, Olivia helps create desserts using, you guessed it, Girl Scout cookies.

Olivia and I have at least one thing in common. Among our favorite girl scout cookies...the peanut butter/chocolate combo, Tagalongs. Yum.

Olivia is an 8th grade student at Hillsborough Middle School. She's been a Girl Scout since she was in first grade, and has been a special kind of scout, a Media Girl, for the last three years.

To find out more about Olivia and her experience, click here.



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