There goes your New Year's Resolution to lose weight. Lol. It's time to fear for your diet because Girl Scout cookies are officially on sale in the area, as of today, and a Girl Scout from Princeton is featured on some of the cookie boxes, according to The Patch. How cool is that?

The Girl Scout's name is Madeleine Freundlich. She's a senior at Stuart Country Day School, and one of five girls from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey picked to be on the new packaging of one of my favorite Girl Scout cookies, the S'mores.


She told The Patch, "I am definitely so excited for all my friends and family to see it." Madeleine has been a Girl Scout for 13 years, and is now serving as a Girl Scout Ambassador, helping to mentor younger scouts. She's working towards her Gold Award (the highest award in Girl Scouts). The money she earns selling cookies will help fund her journey to becoming a Girl Scout Lifetime Member.

Good luck, Madeleine. You're famous.

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