Danny's Wok is a Chinese restaurant in West Philly that is creating a buzz on Twitter for its bizarre menu.

Notice something weird about the wing menu?

Besides the fact that its format is anything but concise, the pricing is questionable.

Some Twitter users even realized that you could pair different wing orders to get the same amount for even cheaper than it's listed price on the menu.

Other members of the Twitter community had enough free time and dedication to investigate further:

Extrapolated? Deviations? Math? Gross.

Here's a foreign language translator:

Extrapolated -  to infer (values of a variable in an unobserved interval) from values within an already observed interval

Why is this happening?

The word deviation still gives me chills from college, so this deviation of an Asian resturant menu is more concerning than the menu itself could ever be.

But no worries, let's get down to the exact formula of the menu pricing:

And a bar graph:

I'd like to thank these freelance mathematicians who bravely devoted their free time to this important cause.

They didn't change the pricing at of the menu but they did determine your best deal.

Which are 25,75, and 125 counts of chicken wings.




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