A few local stores are finally selling edible cookie dough in snack form. This is the best news ever. I've never been so happy that I kept my Sam's Club membership after the Nassau Park location closed (now we go to the Langhorne location), because Sam's is one of the local stores selling it. Walmart has it too, according to Taste of Home.

My husband, John, is going to be thrilled because usually when I say I'm going to bake him cookies, he only gets a few, because I've eaten a good portion of the dough. I know, I know, it's so bad for you, and I could get sick because the raw eggs puts me at risk for salmonella. Thankfully, I've never gotten sick, and now, I no longer have to risk it, because this stuff is egg free. Yay.

The brand is Cookie Dough Cafe'. According to samsclub.com you can get an 8-pack of 3.5 ounce cups, in store, for only $8.98. The perfect snack size and cheap. Each container even comes with a little spoon, so you can eat it on the go. Looks like Sam's only sells chocolate chip cookie dough (which happens to be my favorite), but, the brand does have other flavors like oreo, brownie batter (that could be a close 2nd place), confetti, and oatmeal chocolate chip.

I used to have to go all the way to NYC to get edible cookie dough...it's a really cool place called Do (pronounced - dough), but, now, I can stay local. Looks like I'm headed to Sam's or Walmart after work. Yum.



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