Look out Ewing, NJ!

Another bear sighting was just reported this morning for the town and residents have been extra cautious for the past few hours.

The Ewing Township’s official Facebook group has put out an alert that all residents should be extra cautious when traveling throughout the township today and some other alerts that everyone should be thinking of as well when a wildlife sighting has been reported within the township.

The post says "I'd like all residents to remember that wildlife is more active this time of year so if you see a bear do not feed or approach it under any circumstances.”

The post is saying that the reported bear was spotted in the area of Lopatcong Drive.


If you aren’t familiar with the street name, this is right by Bull Run Rd. and Federal City Rd., which borders Lawrence Township.

This is not the first bear sighting this township has seen during this month.

On May 4 there was another post explaining that there had been multiple reported bear sightings in the Ewing area already during the month of May, which residents have gotten residents thinking that this could all be the same bear making his way through town.

No pictures have been posted of the bear, but I’m assuming someone will snap a picture if they cross paths with him.

The township is instructing residents to move to a safe location if they encounter the bear and DO NOT approach it under any circumstances.

Also just be cautious of your trash cans and bird feeders around your yard because these things are known to attract bears.

If you see or hear anything about any bear sightings, make sure to call 911 immediately and police will respond with animal control.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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