Attention moon-gazers! You're not gonna want to miss this spectacle in the night sky happening this week!

According to, a lunar eclipse resulting in a "blood moon" is happening on the evening of Sunday, May 15!

This will actually be a full "flower" moon that will turn into a reddish-orange brown color as a result of the lunar eclipse. The sun, earth, and moon will be closely aligned, with Earth in the middle. The moon will fall behind Earth's shadow, as if it's hiding from the sun. This will make the moon's light duller and alter its color to that rusty red color, making it a "blood moon."

Even though the moonlight will be duller, the fullness and color will be a sight to see!

When can we see the eclipse?

Girl looking at the stars with telescope beside her.
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The eclipse itself will begin earlier in the night. In our region, 9:30 pm is when we'll start to see changes in its shape as it starts to fall into Earth's shadow.

When will the moon change color?

Photo by Claudio Testa on Unsplash
Photo by Claudio Testa on Unsplash


If you have to go to bed early for work, you might want to make an exception for this night, because experts are saying that this is a must-see event, and one of nature's most beautiful spectacles!  For almost 90 minutes, starting around 11:30 pm, the eclipse will be in its totality phase. This is when the moon will fall completely into Earth's shadow and it will appear to be that orangey red color.

This is where cellphone pictures can't do anything justice. If you want to see it in its full glory, you'll have to look up and see it. Hopefully it'll be a clear night!

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