Lower Makefield Township is proposing the idea to build some new additions near Shady Brook Farm.

If you’re familiar with the area, then you know that Shady Brook farm is a fairly popular place. Most known for their pumpkin ice cream, this farm gets thousands and thousands of visitors a year. With that being said, there really isn’t much to do in close proximity to it. Of course you can drive into Newtown, but you would have to go way up the bypass. You could also go back into Langhorne, but that’s even farther than just taking the bypass into Newtown.

Well, according to Patch, LMT planners are proposing to build a Wegmans across the street.

That’s right, this development would be called Prickett Run at Edgewood. Developers are sure that this will be a “live, work, and play” kind of neighborhood. This would not only include a Wegmans, but it would also have other retail space available for anyone that wanted to open a business. This would also include some new real estate (apartment complex) that, as well as preserving a historic house and barn that has literally been there since the 1700s. Instead of letting it sit, planners have come up with the idea to make it a BYOB restaurant. I think this would do well in the area!

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