I have to admit I panicked a little when I read the headline of a recent Bucks County Courier Times article about Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, PA.

The headline read in part, "Shady Brook Farm to sell 80 acres."

Oh no. What does this mean? Will there be no more Holiday Light Show? What's going to be built on the land?

Chris Rollins
Chris Rollins

Keep reading, I'll fill you in.

If you've been over that way recently, you've probably already noticed that the area is changing. 

DeLuca Homes is developing the land across from Shady Brook Farm on Stony Hill Road. It's a retail and housing complex. There's a new Wegmans food market that will be opening in early 2024 along with other retail stores and restaurants.

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The Fleming family knew they couldn't stop the changes so they decided to become a part of the changes by evolving the farm to fit in with the new town center feel of the area.

The 4th generation farmers of the Fleming family, siblings Dave Jr., Paul and Amy are also preparing for their retirement and will eventually hand off the family business to the next generation.

Dave Fleming Jr. said, "We realized that for us to get to the next generation, we needed to create a business that was sustainable, that was manageable...into the next generation and could support their children who want to stay in farming as well as those who would want more 'passive' roles."

So what does this all mean?

The Flemings are selling 80 acres of their land and keeping 50 acres.

The 50 acres that the family are keeping will be for the family entertainment that we've all grown to love over the years. Phew. Many of us have started family traditions at Shady Brook Farm. I'm so happy that will be continue.

Shady Brook Farm
Shady Brook Farm

The farm will still be putting on the Summer UnWINEd concerts, Fall Fest, and the Holiday Light Show. Yay!

Shady Brook Farm
Shady Brook Farm

The farm's transition will take years, so you won't see these major changes overnight, don't worry.

To read more on the plans, click here.

Good luck, Flemings. I know Shady Brook Farm will keep on thriving for many years to come. I love visiting and will continue to.

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