According to a post on the Facebook page,K911 Lost Dog Search, Inc. - Team Ruby, a dog named Eddy that was lost in Horsham, PA on March 4th was reunited with his family earlier this week after being found in Stockton, NJ.

Eddy was separated from his family on the day they arrived in Pennsylvania after moving from their home in California.  He survived falling into Neshaminy Creek and was spotted several times over the next few weeks, but could never be caught.

Then, on April 16, a report of a dog matching Eddy's description came from a neighborhood in Stockton, which is 20 miles from Horsham.  Team Ruby responded by placing food traps in and around the neighborhood and the next morning, Eddy found his way into one of those traps and later, he was reunited with his family.

Of course, only Eddy knows how he traveled from Horsham, across the Delaware River, to Stockton, but we're sure it would make a great story.

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