This may be the sweetest revenge we've ever seen! The holiday season can be a busy one, which is why a lot of people turn to online shopping for their holiday gifts. However, if you live in a house or certain apartment complexes, you may at risk for your packages to be stolen.

In my apartment complex, we have an entrance that leads to four units, so any packages that get dropped off are behind a locked door, so porch pirates can't get them! We also have a spoken agreement among our neighbors that if any packages are left outside our entrance, no matter who they are for, we'll bring them in, that way they are safe from thieves. Not all people are as lucky as I am and thousands of packages get stolen every year. YouTuber & former NASA engineer Mark Rober had enough of this and he decided to get revenge on those porch pirates!

Mark created the most amazing package that once opened would spray a pound of glitter and would spray fart spray every 30 seconds. The best part is, he also installed a cell phone that captured the footage of the thief's reactions when they were glitter and fart bombed.

In the 11 minute video below, you'll watch how Mark constructs the package, as well as what happened when it was opened by five thieves. Revenge is so sweet!

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