When you were watching the Spider-Man movie did you ever just wish you could fly around the city on the Green Goblin hoverboard? Or perhaps just see the Green Goblin himself flying over the city?

It can't be just me that would want to experience that.

People that were in Times Square in Manhattan did not see the Green Goblin fly over them but we can say they had a fairly close experience. On Twitter, we found a video of an individual that was flying over people in Times Square on a hoverboard.

The individual flying over Times Square was wearing an all-black outfit as well as a black helmet. The person was just chilling as if it was normal to just fly over everyone on a hoverboard. The hoverboard does look like an oversized drone.

This person flying over Times Square did leave people with mixed feelings. Some Twitter users said "This is what I pictured the year 2021 to look like when I was a kid" and I agree with @whatisnewyork on Instagram. Others on Twitter said, "Next time you wonder why it's 2021 and we don't have flying cars yet, imagine what the skies would sound like with thousands of those lawnmower."

From the sound of the video, we can all agree that it did have an excessively loud sound.

After doing some research we found out that the Gothamist reached out to NYPD for comments and were told that "it’s illegal to take off in an aircraft outside of the local airports, and we know they’ve been investing in various drone and anti-drone equipment."

Either way, that is a Spider-Man fanatic's dream to be able to do something like that but don't try it because it looks dangerous. PS...I don't think we humans are ready for that to be a normal thing.

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