Not exactly sure how good you are at catching people redhanded and turning them in to authorities, but you have a chance of making $750 if you get ahold of this individual. A man in Manville, NJ has been going to neighborhoods slashing tires. What's the purpose of this malicious act, you ask? Honestly no one knows. Frank Cascia, a victim of the tire slashing bandit said to News12, "In the video you can see a little bit, he walked past my car, and walks back and stabbed the tires. It's like he was going to walk past it and goes, no, let me do this one now,"

Consider yourself lucky if he skips your car and doesn't slash your tires. Around 35 vehicles have been found with slashed tires and this isn't the first time. June 11 the tire slashing bandit was caught on surveillance camera slashing tires on 40 other vehicles and allegedly catching one on fire. The slashing has happened between the hours of 12am and 4:30am in the area of Green Street in Manville, NJ.

Be careful if you try going after the tire slashing bandit.

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