Just when you thought football season couldn’t get worse for the Philadelphia Eagles. Wide receiver for the Eagles Marquise Goodwin announced that he will not be participating in the upcoming Eagles season.

According to Penn Live, this past Tuesday, Goodwin said that he will not be playing in 2020. He has a lot of reasons for opting out of the upcoming season. The main reason being the safety of his family amid the coronavirus pandemic. His wife Morgan had three miscarriages in the past. While she was in the hospital, Goodwin once had to leave her in the hospital by herself to go play in a game. According to Penn Live, he expressed that he does not want to leave his family this season and talked about how he regrets not being there for his wife. In his statement on Instagram Goodwin also touched on his anxiety and how he wants to honor his wedding vows.

“I won’t take the chance of experiencing another loss because of my selfish decision making. I can’t do it. It’s not something I’m willing to live with. Therefore, I’ve chosen to opt out of playing only for this season or until medical professionals across the world all agree that the world is a safe environment for everyone and not just NFL players. I will not play the 2020-2021 season.”


Goodwin is still eligible for a one year deal and can play for the 2021-2022 season. He played in nine games for the 49ers last season and had his best season in 2017. We are sad that we will not be able to see Goodwin on the field this year, but you can't do anything but respect his decision.


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