Usually, when we think of a furry friend we always think of a small puppy, not the older dogs. Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in Upper Freehold, NJ is the complete opposite. At Marty's Place, they actually have a lot older dogs up for adoption who’s previous owners weren’t able to take care of them anymore. On Marty's Place’s website, they state that all dogs are age 7 or older.

The owner of Sweet Gourmet, Karen Ambrose, shared with us that she has teamed up with Marty's Place to help them stay in business by having a fundraiser through her bakery. Ambrose also mentioned that she was able to raise over $700 for Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary. Unfortunately, you can not order any more cookies to help Ambrose fundraiser for Marty's Place.

Ambrose stated, "We’d like to continue getting the word out about the remarkable work they do. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated."

The dog sanctuary is named after Marty, a dog that made a difference in many peoples’ lives for a short amount of time after being adopted at an older age, according to

Marty's Place is a non-profit. If you would like to adopt a senior dog make sure to visit their website.

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