If you live near the Morrisville, New Jersey airport, then you may have spotted the rescue dogs that were flown in from Louisianna.

A whopping forty-seven rescue shelter dogs were transported to our state so that they would be able to receive medical treatment and hopefully find their forever homes.

If you’re anything like me, you have a super sweet spot for dogs. I say this all the time and will proudly admit that dogs are for sure better than humans, and I stand by that statement.

A lot of the dogs that are reading below the Mason-Dixon line are being transported because there are a lot of shelters that are experiencing overcrowding.

NJ.com interviewed the Way Station Program Director, Colleen Harrington who said “There are lots of wonderful animal-loving people, and there are lots of great adopters in the South, but there's just too many animals for them to find homes.

This entire operation happens because of the Greater Good Charities ‘Good Flights Program’. This program alone has transported 1,600 at-risk shelter dogs from Louisianna to the East Coast, aiding them in finding their forever homes.

A lot of charities and companies are pitching in to help the puppies such as St.Hubert’s and WayStation destination partners. They’ve invested $450,000 into spay and neutering in source shelter communities in hopes to address the root of the problem when it comes to overcrowding in shelters within their regions.

If you’re interested in bringing home your new best friend and adopting one of these adorable puppies who are looking for their forever families, you can visit The Madison center daily between 1:30 pm to 6 pm and Thursdays between 3 and 6 pm.

No appointments are required and if you’re interested in seeing which puppies are available for adoption, use the link here to see the adoptable puppies online.

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