McDonald's breakfast is something everyone has looked forward to at some point in their life. I know when I was younger I would get so excited to get a steak egg and cheese bagel or hotcakes and sausage. It was such an amazing time in history when they added breakfast as an all day option, but that seems like that might all be coming to an end. According to businessinsider, McDonald's All Day Breakfast menu may have just disappeared for good! 

So we all remember McDonald’s All Day Breakfast was removed sometime back in March during the beginning of quarantine. I’m not entirely sure why they did this. I’m assuming it was because they felt as though they would not be needing all of that food, however, many businesses in the restaurant industry did very well during that period of time. Fast forward almost months later and it is still not back up on the menu. 

Even though some people might be very upset about this there is a group that is completely ok with it; the employees! Many of the employees think that getting rid of this option will help them speed up their process and keep the kitchen a lot cleaner. Franchisee’s believe this is the better option as well.

I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t personally know too many people that order off of that menu. I think it is a great late/drunk night option, however, I don't see many people rushing to McDonald’s for an egg mcmuffin at 3pm.

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