The McRib is back at over 9,000 McDonald's across the country, according to USA Today, and fans are coming unglued.

You better get the McRib quickly though. It's only going to be around for a limited time. In fact, McDonald's officials are not even saying when it will disappear from the menu again.

It's an annual tradition for some folks to get the sandwich. I've never had one, so this is my chance to see why everyone goes crazy over them.

It hasn't been on their menu since November 2017. PST's General Manager, Ron, can't wait to get his hands on one. He jokingly said the McRib is the best invention since the automobile... maybe he was serious?

They're not messing around...there's even a McRib locator, so you can find a McRib close to you (someone just reported it's in Toms River). So if you've spotted one, you can report it to help others get their hands on this goodness.

Cross your fingers for a Mercer County sighting soon. Even if it's not for you, our boss Ron will be happy to hear it's hit the area.

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