If you're anything like me, you have piles of papers laying around your home office waiting to be shredded. For some reason, it hasn't made it to your shredder yet, has it?

It takes forever to shred papers with my shredder. It only takes a few sheets at a time or it gets clogged. So, instead of keeping up with it I just pile the papers on the chair next to it. Then, I really can't keep up with it. Lol.

Well, I have good news for you...and me. The Mercer County Improvement Authority is hosting a Shredding Event tomorrow so we can finally get rid of it all.


The FREE Shredder Event is happening October 8th from 9am - 12pm across from the Mercer County Administration Building (Lot 4, 641 South Broad Street).

You have to be a Mercer County resident in order to have papers shredded (have your ID handy when you arrive). If you're trying to figure out where this is, it's very close to the Cure Insurance Arena. It's easy to get there.

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This shredder event is happening rain or shine. It's going to be a nice day, but, even if it wasn't, you don't even have to get out of your car. There are attendants by each shredding truck waiting for you to pull up so they can take your stuff out of your trunk.

Bonus - when I've been in the past you can actually watch your papers being shredded on the screen on the side of the truck. It's really cool.

You can shred up to 8 boxes and/or bags of paper. Please DO NOT BRING ANY HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS. They hold another event for that.

No businesses, just Mercer County residents, please.

For more information you can call (609) 278-8086.

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