Mercer County is looking for summer interns. This may be the opportunity you've been waiting for.

I saw the ad for internships on their facebook page, then, dug a little deeper for you on because I'm a huge fan of internships. That's how I got my job at PST.

The deadline to apply is April 1st, so if you're thinking this would be a great fit for you, I would check out all the details now. There are so many different areas for you to work in. Click HERE for the application, and if you scroll down to the bottom of it, you'll see all the different departments you can choose from. You can gain experience in the county parks, corrections facilities, the libraries, the finance department, and more.

Some of the internships are paid and others give you the chance to earn some credit for school. Here's a LIST of the most asked questions. If you need more info, click HERE.

Good luck. Make it count. It could lead to something amazing.

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