One of my favorite theaters in the entire area is about to look completely different. Yeah, Philadelphia’s Merriam Theater will undergo drastic changes, the Kimmel Center just announced in a press release. 

In fact, the changes are expected to begin as early as this Saturday (March 26).

Philadelphia's Merriam Theater To Be Renamed The Miller Theater

The Merriam Theater, which is located on Broad Street in Center City, will apparently be renamed following a large donation from a new benefactor.

The Merriam Theater will officially change its name to the Miller Theater. The name is in honor of local businessman Alan B. Miller and his family.

The Kimmel Center says that Miller and his family donated an “undisclosed amount of money” to finally help kickstart some long-awaited renovations on the theater.

The theater’s new name could be installed on the marquee as early as this Saturday, The Inquirer reports.

It's not clear how much money Miller donated, and he refused to comment on a specific number in that same report from the Inquirer.

Who Is Alan B. Miller?

Kimmel Center
Kimmel Center

Miller currently serves as the executive chair of a Fortune 500 company, United Health Services, Inc. (UHS). He founded the business — which is now one of the most respected providers in the country — back in 1979.

Miller is a longtime supporter of the arts, and he has served on the Kimmel Center’s board in the past.

“I’ve always been an admirer and supporter of the arts and its enriching impact on life,” he said. “I am delighted to be able to support the Avenue of the Arts in this way and hope that generations to come will enjoy the experiences offered here.”

What's Next For The Miller Theater in Philadelphia?

The Kimmel Center acquired the Merriam Theater in late 2016, and since then had been searching for the funding to give the theater some much-needed renovations, reported at the time of the acquisition. 

Those renovations will begin next year, and they’re expected to include “critical infrastructure improvements and the addition of new ADA-compliant seats.”

I had not seen a show inside the Merriam Theater in quite some time, and a few weeks ago I saw 'Rent' there. I was reminded of how stunning the theater truly was. It's a GREAT place to see a live show, so I am thrilled that Philadelphia's art scene continues to grow.

In the meantime, look for a new marquee on Broad Street this weekend.

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