This would certainly be a wedding to remember. The Kimmel Cultural Center (home of the Kimmel Center) in Philadelphia is offering a Vows with a View package the day before Valentine's Day, Sunday, February 13th.

Only 5 lucky couples will get this once in a lifetime chance.

You know how all your friends tell you how stressful wedding planning is. Forget about it. You won't have to stress out about a thing...they've done it all for you. It's going to be fabulous.

Here are the plans:

Your wedding will take place in the Hamilton Garden section of The Kimmel Cultural Campus. Check out the pictures's a gorgeous space...and that view. Wow.

Garces Events will take care of the food and drinks.

Devon and Pinkett will be handling the flowers.

Martin Reardon Photography will capture all the special moments on your big day.

Look at's all done for you....simple. You just have to tell your family and friends that you're getting married (up to 20 guests).

For all the fun details, click here.

By the way, Pretty Woman: The Musical is playing now  at The Kimmel Center (one of my favorite movies of all time). For tickets and information, click here.

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