With the legal marijuana business continuing to boom in New Jersey, the number of legal use dispensaries still increasing, well over a year after recreational marijuana was legalized in the state.

Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash
Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash
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This is especially true in areas of South Jersey, where they seem to be springing up like weeds - no pun intended!

For weeks, there has been speculation as to whether or not The Mexican Food Factory, located at 601 Rte 70 W, which is still open (as of July 2, 2023), is about to be replaced by another cannabis dispensary in Marlton.

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The answer is, not now, but maybe in the future. They made this much clear in a lengthy post on their Facebook page:

"WE ARE OPEN and it’s business as usual at 601 W. Route 70! ...We have indeed been approached by a cannabis dispensary and they are currently going through the approval and planning process with the township."
Here's their full post addressing the situation:

From the sound of their Facebook post, it sounds like yes, The Mexican Food Factory will close - just not for several months. What the future holds for the building is still up in the air.

The announcement is met with a lot of dismay and disappointment in the Facebook comments, as the restaurant has been a unique staple in the community since 1979.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of distressed comments:

"Just what Marlton needs another spot for a dispensary we need good family owned restaurants not more dispensaries."

"This can’t be the way it ends. If you must sell, sell to someone who can carry the legacy!"

"Noooooo!!! Please know how much this community loves your food, restaurant, and staff."

"This is THE place I take other people to for double dates and the like. Nothing against weed, but it would be a genuine disappointment if you guys closed without relocating."

It's not clear why the restaurant is closing in the coming months, but it sounds like the community might be inclined to start a petition to keep it

What do you think of this news? Will you be sad when/if The Mexican Food Factory closes?


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