I've been in this situation plenty of times because I drive so much from job to job, so I'm sure this has happened to you as well. I'm talking about when you're driving along, minding your business and BOOM! You hit a pothole! If you're lucky, your tires can handle the hit, but if you're not so lucky, the pothole destroys your tire and you may even need to call a tow truck. After it snows and the plows come through, potholes are always left behind. It can make your day go from good to bad very quickly!

So what do you need to make you feel better after you hit a pothole and have to get towed? Ice cream! Last year, Friendly's ice cream brand created a flavor especially for people living in the Northeast called Nor’Eastern Pothole. The name may be a little weird, but the flavor looks delicious! It's made with chocolate ice cream, fudge swirl, cookie pieces and chocolate chips! Yum! Like, I said, it would be perfect to eat some of this after you've had a rough night!

This flavor can be found in select Acmes, ShopRites or Giant stores in our area, but grab your carton before it's gone!

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