Just read on CBS 3 Philly that lawmakers are trying to make more places in NJ smoke free. So, if you're a smoker, you may not be able to light up anymore at some outdoor spots like boardwalks and amusements. Thank God!  I'm the kind of person who can't even be near people who smoke without getting a headache, so this is great news....or is it?  My favorite beach town, Ocean City, NJ, has already banned smoking on their boardwalk...Wildwood and North Wildwood too....and it doesn't mean a thing. Tons of people still smoke, and nobody does anything about it. C'mon! If you're going to ban it, enforce it, please! I honestly didn't think that many people still smoked anymore, but, they do, and I can sniff it out a mile away. So, yes, I certainly hope more public places ban smoking, but, more importantly, I hope everyone starts to enforce it...then we'll be getting somewhere.

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