When you are at the beach you probably just want to smell the ocean around you and just be able to relax, right? You don't want to be smelling cigarettes anywhere near you or your family. Wildwood Crest is making sure that you don't get a smell of cigarettes anywhere near the beach.

On Facebook, we found that the Mayor of Wildwood Crest, Don Cabrera, has made it known that there will be no more smoking on Wildwood Crest beaches. Starting mid-June all Wildwood Crest beaches will be 100% smoke-free beaches.

It was also stated in the Facebook post from the Mayor of Wildwood Crest, Don Cabrera, that there will NOT be designated smoking areas either. Part of the message shared by the Mayor of Wildwood Crest read, "The goal is to maintain cleaner beaches and ocean and most importantly, keep your lungs and overall health in good shape."

That is not a bad reason to make all Wildwood Crest beaches a smoke-free area.

Many Facebook users were happy to hear the "GREAT NEWS." A Facebook user in the comment section said that they hope that the smoke free rule will be strictly enforced because "people still smoked even sitting on their chairs, not at the designated areas."

One other big thing that Wildwood Crest beachgoers are requesting is the beach tags. Facebook users are thanking the mayor of Wildwood Crest for making the beaches smoke-free but are really pushing for the beach tags.

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