A new treatment facility is being built in Morrisville PA that will use eco-friendly technology to create energy from waste.

This state of the art technology is predicted to reduce costs of biosolids management. Every year prior the treatment facility has processed around 5,000 wet tons of organic biosolids which eventually get transferred to a landfill. So with that in mind authorities and designers wanted to create something special for the new facility that would reduce that number greatly.

According to patch.com, "Ecoremedy's "fluid lift gasification" system uses a process to convert biosolids and other waste material into syngas, a 100% renewable source of thermal energy that replaces natural gas. The thermal energy is used to evaporate moisture from biosolids to produce high-quality dried solids, a valuable form of activated carbon called biochar, or nutrient-rich ash. The process reduces the solids' volume by up to 90%, dramatically reducing the costs and potential environmental impacts of landfill disposal while also recovering valuable energy and resources."


The new treatment facility is already under construction and should be up and running by mid-2019.


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