UPDATE - 38-year-old Tika Justice has been identified as the fatal victim in yesterday's home collapse in Hamilton, New Jersey.. Justice was protecting her youngest daughter, by shielding her from the debris as the home began falling to the ground.

The Hamilton Fire Department found Justice on top of the teenage daughter when they arrived to the scene. Justice's oldest daughter was able to use her cellphone to call for help while trapped in debris from the waist down. The two daughters were taken to the hospital following the incident and now remain in stable condition.

Family members told ABC 10 that the father of the two daughters passed away a few years ago. "They don't have anybody but us," Justice's brother, Brushaun Davis tells ABC. "But of course we're going to do what we've got to do," Davis adds.

The specific cause of the collapse is still under investigation, although the fire department does not believe it was caused by a gas explosion.



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