Pre- pandemic, were you an avid movie goer? Did you have a subscription to Movie Pass? I had a subscription and like many others was so upset when they shut down the service in 2019. But maybe there’s some good news coming on Monday, March 22?!

According to The Wrap, On Tuesday, a new website MoviePass.Ventures started a countdown that ends on Monday, March 22. The countdown features the phrase “the movie is about to start”. The website is separate from the original website, which hasn’t been updated since they released their shutdown notice. So, what does this mean!?

According to the Wrap, everything changed for MoviePass in 2017 when the data analytics firm Helios and Matheson bought a huge stake in the company. The cost went from $50 a month to $9.95 a month for one non-premium format ticket per day nationwide!

Obviously, that is an insane deal and three million subscribers signed up. Sadly, the service began to go under when some theater chains refused to participate, and subscribers got frustrated. The service officially shut down in September of 2019 after the company filed for bankruptcy.

The craziest part about this is that it’s all happening one month after Mark Wahlberg’s production company, Unrealistic Ideas, announced that they would be doing a new docuseries on MoviePass. Now, this new website pops up…do we think MoviePass is coming back? I really hope so! They just have to work something out with movie theaters to make it beneficial for both sides!

Or does the countdown signify that the MoviePass documentary is coming? So many questions, not enough answers!


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