It is such a proud moment seeing alumni's from your school doing such big things in life. That is how Rider University alumni should be feeling after hearing that a Rider University senior is a featured dancer for the "In The Heights" movie.

Thomas Miceli from Rider University is set to show off his moves in the new "In the Heights" movie that is directed by Jon M. Chu. According to the Rider Universities website, this is not the first big move that Thomas Miceli has ever done. Thomas Miceli was a part of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew at the age of 10, according to Rider Universities website.

We learned that before getting his big time shine in the entertainment dance world Thomas Miceli was a part of the New Jersey Nets Kids where he performed until the age of 13. The New Jersey Nets are now known as the Brooklyn Nets.

Miceli is known for his hip hop moves but it was stated on Rider University’s website that the Mercer County native is also "trained in contemporary, jazz, tap and ballet."

According to Thomas Miceli's Instagram bio, he has a lot going on for himself right now and is also looking to graduate from Rider University in 2022. On the Rider University website, it is mentioned that after Thomas Miceli graduates he is looking to get his real estate license before later following his dance dreams out in California.

One thing that Thomas Miceli told Rider University, which I personally loved, was, "My parents have always been hard-working people. Now I work so I can give my parents more.” 94.5 PST wishes you the best of luck, Thomas Miceli.

Why Is This Philadelphia Airbnb The Most Popular In All Of Pennsylvania?

Within the last few years, Airbnb has given hotels a run for their money. If you ask people where they are going to stay while they are on vacation many will answer with, "We found a very nice Airbnb." Let's be real, sometimes getting an Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel. It sometimes even has more space. 

Reader's Digest created a list of the most popular Airbnb's in every state and in Pennsylvania, the most popular Airbnb is here in Philadelphia. We learned that this Airbnb used to be a former yoga and dance studio. The Airbnb is located near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

We are still trying to figure out what makes this Airbnb so special because it just looks like a basic studio. Could it be the price that is only $66 a night? After checking availability many dates are already booked.

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