Quarantine and isolation has been saying down on a lot of people’s mental health, but it lends itself as a perfect opportunity to be vocal about the situation and bring to light what we are already feeling.

“Unwound & Unplugged” will be a virtual benefits concert and panel discussion about “mental health, isolation, and healing power of creativity and connection.” According to Brooklyn Vegan, it is set to stream March 2 at 9 p.m. on Facebook.

It will be hosted by psychologist Mike Friedman, who also hosts a health podcast called “Going There.” The concert will also feature Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, Julien Baker and DeathbyRomy.

NJ-native Gerard Way is no stranger to being a mental health advocate. My Chemical Romance has been a band about mental health from the beginning, but it is shown the most in their concept album, “The Black Parade,” which talks about Way’s mental health and struggle with sobriety.

The band broke up in 2013 and, according to NME, Way said that the process of making music with the band was not fun anymore. They were weighed down with stress about what they would release and there were many different opinions being thrown at them at once. So at the time, it was better for everyone in the long run.

According to Brooklyn Vegan, My Chemical Romance was set to tour after nearly seven years of the band’s break up, but the dates had to be rescheduled for September of this year due to the pandemic.

The livestream will be presented by Sound Mind Live and National Day of Unplugging, which is a campaign that focuses on unplugging yourself from technology during the first weekend of march.


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