This weekend, I celebrated my second bachelorette party! I know what you're thinking..."two bachelorette parties?" "Is this girl for real?" Well, let me explain before you judge!

My first bachelorette party was in Nashville, Tennessee. I've always wanted to go there for my bachelorette party, but I knew that not everyone could go because of either their families, work or the cost. So I decided to go ahead with five of my bridesmaids and then do another bachelorette party that was local and little more affordable and this weekend, I did! This weekend, 19 of my closest family and friends went to a winery in New Jersey and wow, did we have a blast!

We all wore coral colored t-shirts, which is one of my wedding colors, (well I wore a white tank top of course), and we enjoyed the beautiful winery and the beautiful weather, once the rain stopped! The winery also had an Irish Festival going on that day, which was also a blast between the Irish food, Irish dancers, and tons of vendors, everyone enjoyed walking around the grounds.

It was only $6 to get into the winery, and then all my girls could sample wines before they bought them and then have a glass, or two or the ones they liked! We spent hours there walking around, talking, laughing an celebrating my upcoming wedding!

I am so glad I decided to do two, because I got to celebrate with EVERYONE!