Have you ever planned a winery day with your girls and then find it extremely hard to find the winery you chose to go to? I've been there! Since I'm having my second bachelorette party at a winery, I got a little worried when I read this article!

Yes, everyone has a GPS, but even with that, sometimes places are hard to find, especially wineries, since they're most of the time on a farm or in the woods. A New Jersey law prohibits signs on highways telling people where the wineries are. They also have the same law for craft breweries. The signs for the winery can be on local roads and state highways, but not interstate highways. This is an inconvenience for anyone coming from an interstate highway. You could be driving around for hours when all you wanted was a glass of wine and a fun day with your girls!

Right now, the winery has to be open five days a week, and also has to be a certain distance from an exit off the highway to have the signs. A lot of wineries in NJ are only open on the weekends, which is only two days a week.

Lawmakers are trying to find another way to have more signs up for these wineries since New Jersey's wineries make millions of dollars each year for our state's economy and bring thousands of tourists each year!

Hopefully this new law will get passed, because we all work hard and we need our wine! New Jersey's wineries are beautiful and we need to be able to find them!

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