All Jeopardy fans who are looking for someone to cheer on, cheer for this NJ Resident. Kevin Walsh, a Williamstown resident, is on a three-game winning streak on Jeopardy! According to so far, he’s won a total of $62,900! How Awesome.

Throughout the three games he’s only gotten ten questions wrong...and answered 96 questions correctly! even said that he’s gone 4-for-4 on the Daily Doubles as well. And if you watch the show, you know how hard those questions are. This guy must really know his stuff! In an interview after his first win, Walsh said that he’s “always enjoyed learning. I’ve enjoyed being a student, I’ve enjoyed trivia, I’m a geek”.

Walsh said he spent years watching the show with his mom, and I’ll bet he knew and was calling out the correct answers to questions when they would watch together. said he even waited to surprise his mom with the news that he was going on the show until his episode aired! And now he’s going for his fourth game! She must be feeling like such a proud mom.

The hit ABC gameshow, hosted by Alex Trebek, began its 37th season last month, after making social distance renovations to the set. Podiums are now separated, the judges table has been socially distanced, and there is no more live audience. It’ll be interesting to see if these renovations become permeant to the show. In the meantime, Walsh’s fourth episode airs Tuesday October 13th and we’re rooting for him.

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