Valentine's Day: has come and gone. I'm honestly happy to say that I was not sad this year.

I decided to stay in the bed all day and do nothing, but that's not actually what happened. I took some of my friends out and we made most of our day. While we were at dinner we began to talk about a lot of the girls that we see on Facebook saying that they were not going to have plans until today.

So that had me thinking, are they the girlfriend?

February 15th Is National Side Chick Day

If you didn't know, February 15th is considered National Side Chick Day. It may also be known as "Side Piece Day," too.

But, why is that, you may ask?

Well, that's because most of the men that have main chicks (or a girlfriend for that matter)  take their side chicks out today.

Cause you know... Valentine's Day is obviously a day set aside for their main chick (or their honey). To keep things peaceful and fair it's only right that they take out their little side piece the day after.

Here’s my question. Why have a side chick at all? Or, even better, why even have a girlfriend?

At that point, I feel like you should just be single.

Though, if you do catch yourself in this situation, I have one very big tip. You can first, leave the guy alone! Why in the hell would you want to continue to talk to someone like that, let alone let a person disrespect you?

I think another great idea is to reach out to the girlfriend, however, you have to be prepared for the repercussions. It can get super messy very fast.

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