We all know Claudia Conway right? The 16-year-old TikTok superstar and daughter of former Senior Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway. Apparently, this New Jersey native can add reality TV star to that list as she recently appeared on the newest season of American Idol. However, viewers of the show claim that American Idol exploited the teenager for ratings.

Yahoo! Entertainment reports that Claudia views her American Idol experience as an “amazing opportunity”. She aspires to create an individual name for herself and move over from TikTok star to pop star. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, she even told the judges “Now I want to get out of the controversy, get out of the drama, get out of the political whatever, and let people know that I am a singer and this is what I want to do.” Unfortunately, once an op-ed article titled titled “How ‘American Idol’ Used Claudia Conway" was published by Variety, the public lashed out at the show and called it “disgusting”.

One tweet that has over 24,000 likes says “American Idol is gross for allowing an abusive creature like Kellyanne Conway to rehab her image on the show, and using Claudia Conway's pain to make a quick buck. Disgusting.”

Another tweet claims that the network is “commodifying the unresolved trauma of a child.”


Not only are people upset about the exploitation of this young girl but some are upset about the fact that she may have simply gained entry into the show because of her and her family’s fame, Yahoo! Entertainment says.

Claudia Conway sang two audition songs and was given a ticket to Hollywood by a vote of 2-3 with Luke Bryan being the only judge to vote no.



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