The weekly purge takes place up and down the South Jersey coast on Saturdays.

People move out of weekly rentals on Saturday morning, while new renters move in Saturday afternoon.

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For a few hours in-between, scores of house cleaners, many who only do this part-time, only on Saturdays, move in with mops, buckets, vacuums, and gallons of disinfectant and ready the properties for the changeover.

Yes, there are some people who clean houses all the time.

It's not just along the coast either. Many house-cleaners do the job full-time all over New Jersey.

One such house cleaner is Louis Angelino III, 27, of Barrington.

Louis, as a side hustle, cleans houses for many of his friends, and he calls it therapeutic.

He often posts on social media the transformations he makes happen - from not so clean - to very clean.

But there was that one time......

Angelino has recounted his story of the time he went to clean his friend's apartment and went to the wrong address. He still got in, and he still cleaned:

Louis' story has gone viral and media is talking to him.

He did this interview with CBS2 in New York wearing a shirt with his own last name on the front in big letters. I love it!

So, what do you say South Jersey house cleaners? Have you ever cleaned the wrong house by accident?

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