Tik Tok has kept us entertained for the past couple of years. Whether it's viral dance videos, fashion hauls, show-offs, or food tutorials...the video app is known for making a lasting impression. I, myself, have bought countless items just because someone on there said it worked or read a book because it was recommended on BookTok.

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The latest craze right now, on my side of Tik Tok, is the best self-tanners. The ladies are trying to shake off the pale winter skin and get a jump start on their summer glow. I went out and bought a mousse tanner and used it last night! Yes, I am a blind follower of influencers on Tik Tok.

However, this tanning trend...I don't think I will be taking part in it. They're called tanning nasal sprays -- in an effort to get a "glow from within". I wish I was joking.

Check out this Tik Tok of two women testing out the tanning nasal spray:

So what exactly is a tanning nasal spray? Well, it contains an ingredient called Melanotan. Melanotan stimulates your body to produce melanin, which is the pigment that determines skin color and hair color. Here's the issue many people and health officials are encountering with this trend: Melanotan is not a regulated substance, meaning there's no way to determine how much of the ingredient manufacturers are using, and what they're using it in combination with.

That being said...people are interested and buying this product regardless. The tanning nasal spray hashtag on Tik Tok has nearly 28 million views. There are countless videos of people trying and reviewing the tanning nasal spray, like this one:

Doing some research on this, there seem to be many different sprays on the market for bringing that inner glow to the outside. It's not FDA regulated, and the majority of doctors are saying that it isn't safe to use. Will the internet listen? Absolutely not. It's a trend, it has to be tried and reviewed for the views.

Here's what the internet is saying about the internet sniffing out the glow. Some people are all about it:

Obviously, with any trend, it's going to get jumped on quickly. Especially if it's a shortcut to your ultimate goal. In this case: a head start on your beautiful summer tan. Now, it remains to be seen if it's safe, but that's the thing. No one seems to care about safety with these trends, especially fashion/beauty ones. You have to have the best hair, prettiest smile, best makeup. It doesn't stop, even if your health is at risk.

These online users echo my sentiments:

Would you use the tanning nasal spray? Regardless of whether you say yes or no, remember that these are passing trends. They go viral for a reason because most of them are outlandish with no real results. But, hey. If it floats your golden goddess boat, by all means, sniff away! No judgement here :)

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